Monday, July 2, 2007

Wanted: photography lessons!

This picture is an absolute fluke... I'm amazed at how good it looks... Please don't be deceived... I am not and probably never will be a good photographer! As an example, I was trying to take pictures this morning, and my daughter Joanne had to tell me that 5:30 a.m. is not a good time to take pictures. OK... at 10:30 I went outside. The light is fabulous today... so is the wind! I tried the screened-in back porch... terrible pictures. So, back to the front porch... I chose the best picture to post. I managed to get this one before the wind blew the hanky away. Believe it or not, this one's with the zoom as close as I could get it... I think I need lessons! I'm sure I've seen other pictures that were much closer... I want detail!

The hanky is a birthday present from my friend Denise. I can't believe she spent so much time making such a lovely gift for me! I will always cherish it. Needless to say, I was inspired by Denise's gift. Then when I read Sherry Pence's blog and saw her gorgeous hanky, I decided it was time to give it a try... I think I also need lessons in reading directions! I wound my shuttle (Peter Cua) with my beautiful new hand-dyed thread from Yarnplayer Arts. Sherry had challenged me to try Eternity Rings from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior on a scalloped edged hanky and post my results. I love a challenge! However, my tatting didn't look like Sherry's... she had room from two spaces between each join to the hanky... I had room for four! No wonder... I had wound size 20 thread instead of size 40! Rather than take time to wind another shuttle with the correct thread, I chose to work with another design. This is the beginning of the Spinning Wheel glass mat from page 74 of the same book. I love it! The pattern is so easy to follow!

I worked on my crochet curtain some this morning. I have 13 of 38 pattern repeats finished. I really want to complete the curtains and have them hanging by the time my parents arrive July 14. It's a good thing we're going on a short road trip this week... I can get a lot done while Dave is driving!


  1. Denise's Hanky is beautiful and I love yarnplayer's thread. Your pics are terrific...keep it up!

    Oh. P.S. You may need a digital camera with a Macro function if you want to get closer-up pictures.

  2. Wow! The tatting looks great! This is the first photo I've run across showing what somebody is doing with my thread. It looks beautiful!

    I agree with ladyshuttlemaker, a digital camera works great for blogging.


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