Thursday, January 17, 2008

Think Spring!

It's snowin' and blowin' here in northern Illinois, and I am chilled to the bone! I just can't seem to stay warm since I broke my arm... I'm pretty sure it's all in my mind, so I'm trying to think about spring!

I love this little book by Pat Stevens. In Fantasy Flowers, Pat gives the basics behind her fantasy flowers and then encourages the reader to let loose with creativity! I can imagine beautiful bouquets made from hand-dyed threads spilling out of the little cut glass vases and bowls that I have accumulated through the years. Creating fantasy flowers would be a terrific way of using up precious bits of favorite threads!

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  1. It's not your imagination that you are feeling colder. Healing is hard work and it takes a lot of energy. The energy that your body would normally expend turning on the internal furnace is currently being directed at rebuiling bone. Been there, done that, it wasn't/isn't fun.


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