Saturday, March 8, 2008

Crazy for hankies!

I decided that my granddaughters should have hankies as well as my grandson, so I spent yesterday making them up. I'm still perfecting my technique. My goal is to make my own hanky blanks from my fabric stash and embellish them with tatting. I'm not happy with the machine results, so I think I'll have my mom re-teach me in the art of hand-sewing rolled hems when she's here at Easter. Of course, this all-day project did not make much of a dent in my stash! Still, a little here, a little there...


  1. I'm tatting for a hanky for my mom. I'd love to see how you do a rolled hem, be sure to let us know what your mom shows you. I'm looking for nice fabric for hanky blanks. All I could find at the Jo@nn shop was quilting cotton; it wasn't as fine as I wanted.

  2. It's big enough job to tat the lace. I can't imagine making the blanks too. My hat is off to you and I am proud that you can do so much more now. To tatt3r, Handy Hands has some beautiful hankies.

  3. I am gald to see that you are really starting to get after it! You are motivating me...thank you!


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