Saturday, July 12, 2008


...for real this time! Dave dug a trench for the new cable on Wednesday, and the tech guy came out yesterday to move the dish from the house to the shed. He also had to replace the power supply, which was corroded. How does it corrode in a year? In the house? Any way, maybe I'll get to catch up on my blog reading today... my connection the other day was very temporary... just long enough for a quick post. Of course, now thunderstorms are rolling in... I just heard a rumble... one flash of lightening and I'm off the computer!

Sorry... no pictures today. In fact, I think I'll have to take a break from all handwork for a few days. Yes, I overdid it this week, and I can really feel it in my arm. I go for x-rays Monday and a follow-up with the surgeon on Tuesday. So I think I'll just take it easy until then.

There's a flash! I hope the weather clears so I can read what you all have been up to!


  1. Do, do take it easy...little steps are best.

    So glad you are getting connected again, Internet withdrawal symptoms are awful.

    We too are having a summer of thunder and lightening and torrential rain. Ireland is really green summer.

  2. Congratulations on the new connection!

    Please do take care with that arm. You have done a remarkable job with it and don't want to backslide!

    We are having the same weather as Pamela it seems only not as much maybe. Everytime we plan to be outside, it starts.

  3. The thunderstorms just passed through here about an hour ago, too. Take it easy with your hand. You have about thirty or forty years of crafting to go!

  4. Oh, it's good to see you back! You have truly been missed. I love reading your posts and you always make the nicest comments on everyone's blogs. Hope you stay reconnected!

  5. Great to have you back online.
    Do take a break and let that arm get well again.

  6. Ditto what everyone else has said. Perhaps you need to go on a chocolate vacation. .....oh wait ....maybe I am thinking of myself here.


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