Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tatting Fantasia by Iris Niebach

Did I say Tatted Doilies is my favorite Iris Niebach book? I may have lied! Tatting Fantasia is a fabulous book! Again, everything is clearly explained and diagrammed. This book includes three doilies, three hexagons, three squares, and three edgings. What more could a tatter ask for?

If the tatting pattern police do knock at my door, I may have to find a good hiding place for my Iris Niebach pattern books... maybe in my sewing room!


  1. Do like I do -- carry them with you! I have four Iris Niebach pattern books in my tatting bag in my desk drawer right now. Oh, Fantasia is a perfect name for this book -- it's fantistic!

  2. Send it to me - I'll hide it for you!!!!!

  3. A bit of time has passed since you posted this review, and I was wondering...

    Did you ever needed to stash your Iris Niebach books in a safe room/house or hidey hole?

    I am considering buying this book and wonder, do you like it even more today than when you bought it? Is it one of those treasured tomes that you pull out and refer to often?

    Inquiring minds...

    Oh, and one last thing, is this the book that includes the butterfly edging Iris mentions on her blog here: (no, it couldn't be...)


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