Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pink Oval Medallion

This was my first attempt at front side/back side tatting... I found it a little confusing at times! This medallion will be an insert for one of my treasure boxes... maybe Dave will put it together for me tonight! The medallion is from Tatting by Yusai Shokoin, a lovely book with many designs that I'd love to tat! It's about 2.75" by 4.5" in size 20 Flora, color #62.

A warning about the treasure boxes... they are glued together, and can fall apart easily! Dave has had to re-glue 3 pieces out of the 5 boxes he's sanded and stained. He says they're still worth buying... it would cost him a whole lot more to buy the wood himself and try to make the boxes. But, I'd rather let you know about any pitfalls ahead of time!

There's no school today! We have steam heat, and they have to repair a broken pipe today. Yesterday morning it was 90 degrees at the south end of the building and 65 degrees at the north end. They have to turn the heat off in order to make the repairs, so we have an unexpected day off! What will I do with my day? I'd love to say I'll spend it tatting, but my sewing room has quickly deteriorated over the past few weeks, and if I don't clean it up soon, I'll have a total disaster on my hands! I'd also like to work on Dave's afghan... I only have 3" done. I don't think that will even keep his feet warm!

I now have all my camera parts together... I've been leaving either the cable or the camera at school, so I haven't been able to post any pictures! When the sun comes out, I'll take some time to share pictures from the past week or so. I don't know enough about photography to take decent pictures when it's dark out!


  1. Very pretty Diane that will look very nice in the top of one of your boxes.

  2. Frontside backside IS confusing at first, but then you get the swing of things and eventually you will be able to tell just by looking at the stitches!

    How is it that you have been progressing so fast these last couple of weeks??? Do you have a genie in your pocket?

  3. Thank you, Clyde. I'm thinking of putting some hand-dyed fabric that I've had for years behind this motif to make it stand out more. You'll see my final decision when I post a picture of the box!

    Fast,you say? I feel like I've been going at a snail's pace, Sherry! My Christmas list keeps getting longer instead of shorter... my own fault, of course! If that genie is in my pocket, I sure wish he'd start cooking and cleaning around here!

    I can tell the back side from the front side pretty well now. My problem is teaching my brain and hands to start with the second half of the stitch and then tat the second half... oh, my! I find myself reverting to regular tatting half way through a ring! I guess I'll just have to keep practicing!

  4. Your oval turned out very lovely!
    I got confused at first with frontside/backside tatting, too! Good for you for trying it out.

    With all that constant tatting you can't help but progress so "suddenly", huh!?

  5. Frontside backside gives such a lovely effect, it's well worth it. Your motif is beautiful.

  6. Your tatting is beautiful, Diane

    I'm glad I'm not the only confused with the front/back side tatting hand motion. I know it looks pretty, I know it is so easy to do. .. I just need to teach my brain the correct sequence, and get it right all the time, LOL.

  7. What a sweet little oval! It's so delicate looking in that pretty pink :)

  8. I love the colour of your oval, I think it will look beautiful against the wood of the box!


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