Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tatting with Myra Piper

I really wanted to justify my lace day purchases, so I set to work with my new book Tatting by Myra Piper. This is the first design in the book, described by Myra as " first tatted snowflake pattern, a revised edging which I made for handkerchiefs." This was a fun one to tat in Lizbeth Raspberry Pink Lt. #623. There are 47 designs in this book, and I think I might have to tat every single one... if they're all as easy to understand!

If you've been thinking of trying Lizbeth thread, I highly recommend it. The colors are gorgeous, and it's very smooth.

This is #16 for the 25 Motif Challenge.


  1. Very pretty snowflake! I am absolutely LOVING that color! I just ordered a WINDFALL of Lizbeth thread so I hope I remembered to order that one, too! I LOVE it! :)

    Why do I always end up having to tell people "oh, I have that!" or "oh, I WANT that" when it comes to tatting!?! LOL! I don't think I'm this obsessive over anything else in my life! Gosh, if I could be this obsessive about money I'd be RICH! LOL! :)

  2. Ditto about the Lizbeth. I'm keeping a wish list of colors I want too.... I have 15 or so, you think that would be enough!

    I just ordered some Altin basak from ebay too so do need to behave myself for awhile.....

  3. I love the design! Your tatting is always beautiful! 16/25 motifs...getting up there...I am stuck at 4 or 5 :( My thread should be here soon and I have actually made a centre or two. Must sorce a supplier of your Lizbeth...sounds delightful!

  4. I love Myra Piper's book. It has some of the best snowflake patterns EVER. The Lizbeth is definitely some awesome thread. I'll be getting more. A girl can never have enough thread...or books.

  5. That is so lovely! I think that is one of my favorites that you have posted so far. I always enjoy the beautiful tatting that you post-it looks like so much fun:)


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