Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bridal shower

Yvette was very pleased with her gifts! Erich wasn't quite sure what to make of them! After all the presents were opened, he asked me, "So, what were those "things" you made for Yvette?" I explained, and he replied, "Oh..." Clearly, Erich was not quite as impressed as Yvette was!

No, Mom! Erich didn't really use the hanky... we were just having a little fun when Yvette wasn't looking!


  1. looks like a good time was had by all. I am sure the bag and hanky were well received by everyone who saw them.

  2. Ha ha ha! That is so funny! I love the photo of Erich "blowing his nose" in the hanky! That is hilarious. That looks like something I would do for a photo, LOL!

  3. I bet she was pleased. Erich looks like a HUGE tease pretending to blow his nose on the hanky!!!!

  4. Too funny! Glad everyone had a good time:).




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