Friday, August 7, 2009


I have a fancy page now, but I still don't have my dates. When I go into Edit Posts, all the dates are there. When I check my settings for my page layout, everything is checked. Earlier this afternoon, I couldn't access my blog for about two hours! I figure Blogger must be having a problem today. Maybe everything will clear up tomorrow.

I've spent most of the day playing with my computer... no tatting, no knitting, no crocheting, no bobbin lace, no Kumihimo, no weaving, no reading... I feel like I've wasted the whole day!


  1. Love the new background for your blog!!! I wish I could offer some advice about the date thing but I still can't get buttons (or whatever those things are called that go in the right side column) to load on my blogspot:). Good luck!



  2. I am sorry you are having a hard time with your blog, and I don't know how to help you either.

    Good luck with getting it fixed.

  3. Diane, Just checked - It is under Blog Posts, on the Layout page. Click edit and there is a menu where you can pick which style of date you want. Then save. If you have done this - you were not specific, I am at a loss! Good luck, Fox : )

    ps I have spent HOURS doing the same kind of nonsense, and felt like a mad woman after a day like that! Hope you have it figured out by now....

  4. Do like your new background. Wow you do bobbin lace also? That is another thing on my list for someday. I have a board and bobbin newby kit purchased but that is it.

  5. Playing with your computer is not a waste of time. It is a learning experience.

  6. The first impression was very cozy, reflecting personality behind the page, very beautiful indeed! I also love the way how the backround stays still while browsing posts up´n down,
    *Hmm, should I still try..*

    Heheh, no way =))
    Hugs :)

  7. Thanks for the moral support everyone! Isn't it strange... the dates and times are showing for the comments.

    Yes, Fox, I have followed those steps. I've even tried unchecking and rechecking all the boxes. I will figure this all out eventually. If I don't, I just keep seeing "undefined undefined"!

    As always, you're right, Mom! This is a learning experience! Right now I think I'm learning patience... I don't think that's a trait that comes easily to the Green part of me!

  8. You know what is written; "Tribulation produces patience." So you are 'tribulatin' LOL
    Computers can be so frustrating..I always told my students, "it's a computer, dumb as a rock." GIGO
    Figuring out these blogs is like walking in a maze at times. I commiserate!
    Some times learning experiences aren't that much fun! LOL
    warm hugs, BJ

  9. Diane, I had to come immediately to tell you.. I tryed to figure out this problem of your´s with the post dates and maybe - I mean a big maybe - I might have found where the trouble is..

    Since these templates that we download from other places than blogger, the most of them have many things set differently. And one of them is, yes, the post date :)

    So, if this could be the reason, please check it out and go to your html-page, and scroll it down until you find a place where it says "Post-menu" or so, scroll down again and check, if you find something like this - they may look very different! {
    margin: 1.5em 0 .5em;
    display: none;

    I copied this right from my template, and as you see, it doesn´t show me any dates upon my posts (since I don´t want to - it shows too big and looks terrible!) so I chose not use it. But if I now change this

    "display: none;"


    "display: yes;"

    ..the dates will show up, I tested it :) Though, I don´t know why it may be changed only from html-page??! Maybe the one who did the template didn´t want it to show?

    Anyway, good luck, I really wish it was that simple!

    Or, if your template is too different, you can send me the url (from where you got the template) and I´ll see if I can do anything?

    It cannot be that hard that two girls couldn´t fix it lol :)

  10. The background is lovely! I lost my dates once when I changed the font on my titles...apparently the font I had chosen didn't have numbers with it!!! I had to pick a different font that had numbers. I don't think that's your problem because I'm not seeing a different font here.
    Good luck.
    I had a problem where blogger was putting my sidebar in the footer for a while. There are still a couple of posts back in early July that show up that way. After Blogger got over it's glitch the sidebar is back. It was nothing that I did!

    Well, hope you figure it out. It's fun to give a blog a new look! :)


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