Thursday, November 19, 2009

Set for life!

Ambitatterous asked, and here's my answer... well, sort of. This is most of my HDT stash. I know I have other skeins tucked here and there around the house, but I didn't take time to look for them. What can I say? I LOVE HDT!

Now I suppose someone wants me to lay all the skeins out so that all the colors can be seen... maybe later. Will I share? Hmmm... probably not!


  1. As curious as I am to see ultra close-ups of all those glorious HDTs, I would never ask you to go through all that work!

    Your HDT stash triples mine a few times over. LOL! But I love the flood of color.

    Do you ever transition out of the stage where you take it out and pet it, dream of laces to come and then put the thread back in the bag?

  2. Wow! I'm glad someone else seems to be accumulating a stash. I've got lots, but not wanting to waste any of it, I haven't used it!!

  3. Uhhhh...where do you live and when do you work? Do you keep those in a safe or are they easily accessible? (planning a big thread heist....oceans 22?)

  4. Now, where did you say you lived? (insert shifty eyes)

    Monstrous stash!!

  5. OBVIOUSLY with all these veiled and unveiled threats to your stash, you need to move it to a SAFER location. Precautions will need to be taken while the precious cargo is en route. Just leave it to me, I'll take it all... I mean I'll take CARE of it all...

    :) Ann

  6. Great stash, I just take mine out and pet it too and dream. I MUST USE IT!

  7. I am so glad THEY are staking out YOUR place... my stash is much more modest, but I think, unfortunately, you may have inspired my Dr. Strangelove-HDT-buying-hand to become active once again! Arfghhhh!
    Fox : )

  8. wow!wow!wow!
    My arms are always open wide if don't have enuff space to store them. hehehehe......


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