Saturday, March 6, 2010

Here it is!

Joanne's doily is complete! The pattern is "Hostess Set: Placemat" from Tatting Patterns by Mary Konior. The thread is Oren Bayan Size 50, color #066. Although this doily took me quite a while to complete, it was really very simple.

I wanted to empty some shuttles, so I tried another pattern from this book. This is "Simple Simon"... very simple, indeed! When tatting this, you leave a length of thread the size of the ring in back of the piece. As I was tatting, I thought it might work well as a split ring pattern, eliminating the length of thread on the back. My left hand would not cooperate today. I just couldn't hold the thread in place to make split rings. I hope someone who is competent with split rings will try this pattern as a split ring to see how it looks. I'll try again, but my split ring days really are hit or miss.

This week I received this beautiful knit postcard from Shirl at I love it! I never would have thought of doing something like this. What a great way to use up bits of yarn! ...and I do have quite a few "bits" of yarn lying around the house!


  1. I'm curious what you mean by your left hand not cooperating. Does it cramp up, or keep trying to flip the stitches like normal, or what? Tell us exactly what's going on and I bet you'll get some help!

  2. This was worth the wait! It is very pretty.

    Those edgings are great! I'm curious as well..?
    Fox : )

  3. Your doily is beautiful! I as fortunate enough to check out "Tatting Patterns" by Mary Konior from the guild library today! I hope there is something in there I can do. I need to empty a few shuttles too so maybe I will try an edging with one of them. Happy tatting =)

  4. What a lovely doily!!! Love the edgings I'm also curious as to see if they would do well with Split Rings.

  5. Your doily is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Have a great day!

  6. Diane, your "placemat" is lovely, and in size 50 no less!

    Beautiful just beautiful.


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