Friday, March 12, 2010

If at first you don't succeed...

Well, I successfully cut out and replaced the offending section and declared that the center of this doily looked much better! Then, much to my dismay, I discovered that I had tatted another section incorrectly. Not a big deal... I've become a pro at cutting out offending sections! Alas, when I cut that section out I discovered that I was missing two picots that I needed for joining. I'm sure there is someone in tat-land who can see where I made do, but I'm not going to worry about it.

As mentioned earlier, I headed for my Lizbeth stash to find a coordinating color for the next round. Believe it or not, I did not have the correct color! Horrors! I had to order more thread! It should arrive today or tomorrow. In the meantime, I've started tatting the center again, this time starting my ring at a different color section. I just want to see how different it will look.

I probably won't get any more tatting done until next week. It's play weekend! Daughter Carol is directing Back to the 80s: the Totally Awesome Musical! I got a bit of a sneak preview last night when I drove in to mend a dress. There is a lot of excitement about this production. Dessert theater tickets sold out! In fact they over-sold, and Carol had to borrow tables, dishes, and flatware. Tonight I'll go in early to take backstage pictures. Tomorrow morning we'll set up for the dessert theater. Some friends are coming down for tomorrow night's performance. Then on Sunday, daughter Alison and her family will be coming down. I guess I should have done my laundry last night... there sure won't be much time over the weekend!

Pattern: Primrose Path from A Pattern Book of Tatting by Mary Konior
Thread: Lizbeth #117, size 20


  1. That's beautiful, just on it's own with any more added. The colours are gorgeous.
    Enjoy your week, sounds great. waiting to hear more.

  2. It is very pretty. The colours are strong and enhance the pattern.

    Have fun with your family!
    Fox : )

  3. I agree with Tatskool- this center by itself would make a nice coaster. I don't have the book, so I look forward to seeing what the completed doily will look like.

  4. Very pretty! I don't see any make do. Of course, it took me quite a while for me the goofie in the first rendition -- and I wasn't even on a galloping horse!

  5. It's beautiful. You're a brave soul to cut out offending sections and continue. I usually just start over if I'm not too far into the piece. I guess I should practice making mistakes on purpose so I can cut and re-tat?!

  6. Great job. You shoulda saved it for some crazy quilting and just started over. Your work is always so perfect. You need an imperfect piece or two. LOL !

  7. Lovely piece. I should really get down to trying MK's patterns.

    Have fun at the musical.

  8. Wow! That's gorgeous!
    Uhhh, I'm in tat land and I don't see the boo boo.
    I think it looks great!
    I'm getting in the mood to REALLY get tatting again.


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