Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another snowflake

This one's in Heather's Summer Brights, size 40... much smaller than the DMC size 12 perle cotton!

I'm trying to get on a roll with snowflakes, but it's just not happening. Instead, I've started another Spinning Wheel glass mat... I just can't help myself!


  1. I really like those colors, it reminds me of a summer garden of flowers, very pretty all mixed together like that. I can see some patterns it would not be good for, but to me, it really works in the snowflake.

  2. ... I have put out the SOS to all Tat-land for the intervention...

    Fox : )

  3. You know, I thought I would NEVER burn out on tatting but it happened. A year or so ago, I just didn't want to tat. I knew it wasn't permanent and I didn't force myself to tat. I just did other things for awhile and next thing you know, I was all about tatting again. Maybe you just need a little break from it to get your mojo back?

  4. I laughed at Fox's comment, although I myself have used Mary McCarthy's butterfly as a stress-reliever, and the variegated threads also inspire me to make the same butterfly over and over.

    Gina commented about her 'dry spell' (I sure I didn't notice it!). My own tatting 'dry spell' lasted several years until the internet came along, and then the blogs, and that's what rekindled my interest in tatting new things. But I'm still not up to speed. I'm addicted to surfing the blogs, though!

    However, you haven't stopped tatting entirely - and the mats are always useful and can make great gifts! Not to mention showing us the effects of different threads.

    You must have been thrilled to see the photo on Crazy Mom's blog of Mary Konior's very own spinning wheel glass mat, not to mention her other fabulous tatted pieces!

  5. Ola! Diane
    amiga, realmente seus tattings são belos, este floco de neve , um verdadeiro charme.
    Bjs amiga, e um excelente final de semana.
    Ah! estou tentando fazer tatting graças a você.

  6. I really like Summer Brights - very pretty. I keep trying to get into some snowflakes too, but I can't seem to finish. Maybe the real stuff has to fly for me to realize I need some new ornaments for my tree!

  7. I would love to be able to make snowflakes like you do. They are beautiful!

  8. Like always, Diane...these are just gorgeous! I haven't had time to try tatting yet, but I will! ;) Have a fun Halloween, Sweetie! =o)

  9. This is a really pretty pattern Diane. And the white one looks stunning.

  10. Going back to basics is always a crafter lifter. I quilts and most of my quilts are using squares.


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