Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wanna swap?

I finally took some pictures that are decent enough to show off what Denise and I accomplished on Columbus Day... yea! Some have been given away, and we kept the ones we just couldn't part with. I guess you could call these our leftovers! Anyway, if you're interested in a shuttle swap, let me know which one you're interested in. The first to respond for each of these four shuttles will be the one I swap with.

Green floral - swap with H J Hess

Orange floral - swap with Happy Bluebird

Stripes - swap with Zarina

Pink floral - swap with Marty


  1. Those are all lovely. Wish I ever had such pretty leftovers. You are tempting me into 'blinging' my shuttles now!!!! But I won't!!!!! Beautiful shuttles.

  2. Would love to own one of your original blinged shuttles, green please.
    What would you like to receive for this swap? Is there something you crave in exchange?
    How exciting.

  3. Hey, I would swap a shuttle with you if I'm one of the first four. I have some napkin ones, but I only did the tops. Yours look really nice!

  4. I would love to swap with you with any of my HDTs. They all look beautiful and I bet it would be a dream to work on.

  5. Love that pink flowered one -- I'd swap some of the HDT Bonnie made for me recently. I've got size Lizbeth size 40 in flame colors (red, orange, yellow), and what I think is Cebelia size 30 in "Caribbean" greens and blues.

  6. Shoot, to late.

    Neat Shuttles, Diane.

  7. Wow! That was fast! Ladies, please send me your snail mail addresses so that I can mail them off to you.

  8. These shuttles are wonderful!


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