Thursday, June 30, 2011

From a talented young lady...

Yes, dear friends, I am one of the lucky recipients of a hand-crafted shuttle and a skein of hand-dyed thread from Anika at Tatting it Up! I haven't had much time for tatting in the last couple of weeks, but I did find time to wind this beautiful thread and fill the shuttle. Now I need to choose the perfect pattern. Thank you, Anika!

On the home front...

my youngest daughter, Joanne, is learning how to use her new sewing machine. First, she made this little sample quilt to see how everything goes together... not bad for a first try!

On Monday, we turned the dining room into sewing central so that Joanne could cut fabric for a quilt top. We settled on the disappearing 9 patch pattern, because it seems very simple. We were going to use my new AccuQuilt Go!, but we decided it would be faster to just use the rotary cutter and ruler. I wanted to make sure Joanne really understood how to use the rotary cutter, so I "let" her cut out a quilt top for me, too!

Tuesday was spent at my sister's house, so we didn't get anything done, but yesterday...

we rearranged the living room furniture and set up another sewing station! We each sewed strips together for our quilt tops. Joanne accomplished more than I did. She'd ask a question that got me curious, and I'd go searching for answers on the Internet. Luckily, I live here and can sew whenever I get the urge! ; )

Before we cleaned up for the day, Joanne pressed her strips and made some preliminary choices for arranging the strips into blocks.

If she remains this organized throughout the project, she will never have the craft disarray problem that I have!

I hope she sends me pictures when her quilt top is complete!


  1. Your Joanne is so lucky to have a mom that loves crafts and will work with her!

    I hear you're coming to Minnesota, can you squeeze in a half an hour for a couple tatters?

  2. Ahaha - now you are quilting. Joanne once she gets the groove of quilting, all those ideas will come forward and you will not be this organize. It is called creative chaos.

  3. So if I wait long enough, there may be a chance I will get to enjoy crafty moments like these with my currently non-crafty, doesn't-even-appreciate-craftiness teenager? Or has Joanne always been crafty and is just turning her focus to quilting? 'Cause then, I'm toast...

    :) Ann

    You two have SWEET sewing machines - to borrow from John Deere - nothing stitches like a Bernina, nothing!

  4. Can't wait to see what you make! ^_^

    I hope she sends the pictures! Quilts are so nice.

  5. How heartwarming to be sewing with your daughter. Joyful July to you...

  6. That's pretty thread from Anika. Lucky you. How wonderful to be able to quilt with your daughter. Have fun. Happy 4th of July!

  7. my sewing machine will be up tomorrow. I have needlebook covers to sew together (for the demo at Lake Co Fair 8/12). Those deadlines seem to sneak up + I signed the contract back in February! Gesh.

    I am going to trace my punch needle free designs on weaver's cloth tonight.

    With all the storms today - I didn't seem to be motivated -- managed to get thru all my errands tho.

    Later alligator

  8. Livi and I ran across pictures from this post (on google images) and she just went crazy over the princess blanket. So I thought I'd tell you that she loves the princess blanket AND the butterfly. She has also informed me that I should make both of them for her. :o)


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