Monday, August 15, 2011

Sue Anna the Enabler

When Sue Anna and I drove to Cincinnati to visit Jane, we had a lot of time to talk, and we did! We talked tatting, school, blogging, family, religion, politics, and bobbin lace. You would think we had known each other all our lives! 

Sue Anna and I met in person for the first time at the Downers Grove Lace Day in June, and the focus was bobbin lace. Sue Anna had wanted to take the bobbin lace class, but it was filled. Lucky Sue Anna owns the video Successful Bobbin Lacemaking for All Occasions with Christine Springett, which is the accompanying video for the book Lace for Children of All Ages. Sue Anna told me how good the video was, and she offered to lend it to me.

Anyway, the video arrived last week, and I finally had time to watch it on Saturday. Sue Anna was right... it's wonderful! I finally learned the correct way to fill my bobbins... so much easier than what I was doing, and the hitch actually held! I watched it from start to finish. I found Christine Springett's voice very soothing. I love English accents!

Sue Anna also included samples of Gold Rush embroidery thread... luscious! Blue, two shades of green, pink, white, yellow... all sparkly colors! She also included some silver beads for eyes. Yes, she's an enabler!

I learned a lot from doing this snake. First, it is easier to undo bobbin lace than it is to undo tatting. You see, when I got down past that third bend in the body, I discovered that I had missed a pin further up. Sigh... time to undo more than half of what I had accomplished. When I reached the part where the pin was missing, I discovered that I had missed another pin further up... more to be undone! Okay, I reached that missing pin, only to discover that there was another missing pin above the eyes! So, I learned that I can also undo bobbin lace with beads woven in! In addition, I learned the importance of tensioning at the end of each row. The second time through, my snake had far fewer lumps and bumps!

He doesn't show up very well, but I am very pleased with my snake. I'm sure the kids at school will get a kick out of him. In fact, I think I'll have to make another!

Thanks for enabling me, Sue Anna!

Note to self... learn how to use your camera!


  1. Now that's a very good name for Sue Anna. An enabler.
    I admire your tenacity with your snake!! I think I'd have just started again!!!

  2. Isn't it nice to have enablers for friends? I like your snake.

  3. Great snake! And a great new friend, that Sue Anna.

  4. Your tatting you have been trying in the previous posts is wonderful and I love how you show the good and the not so good. As for bobbin lace...whew! Your snake is super. We should all have a wonderful friend who enables us in the good hobbies. Creative week to you...

  5. Love the snake I also tried bobbin l
    have also tried bobbin lace and enjoyed it!

  6. He he I told you so! So glad it helped. I do love that snake. You did a great job!

  7. Congratulations on your bobbin lace snake. I agree, so wonderful to have friend who are enablers. How long are they? Would it be too long as earrings?

  8. Beautiful, I have not had my lace making stuff out for years, I just dont get time to do any these days.

    It is nice to have enablers as friends help is on hand when you need it.

  9. I think the snake is a little long for earrings... 8" without the tassel!

  10. That's wonderful that you're learning how to do bobbin lace. Hopefully there will be a revival in this craft as well. Your first attempt looks great Diane. Looking forward to seeing more :)

  11. I have two Christine Springett books, I love the way she gives such clear instructions. I made that snake pattern as my first piece of bobbin lace. :)

  12. Snowy, I see lots of bobbin lace snakes in my future. I also bought Christine Springett's book with 10 variations of the snake pattern. Dave finds this very amusing, since I get hysterical if I see a real snake!

  13. I luv your snake.

    I have some sparklie stuff, too - they enhance the snake patterns ; )

    Back-to-school madness is a challenge to deal with!!!


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