Friday, October 7, 2011

Yes-U-Can Doily Challenge - Tatting Progress Day 7

Whoa! Did I click on something yesterday? Were there Blogger changes overnight? Has something been going on when I wasn't paying attention? The page for new posts looks totally different! Something new to get used to, I guess! : )

I can't believe I only have three motifs to go before the final round! With any luck, I'll get them finished tonight. Then I'll really have to put my thinking cap on!

Martha's new book arrived in the mail yesterday. There are some glorious designs and tons of new techniques for me to learn. I'm thinking of digging into my hand-dyed thread stash for these beautiful designs!


  1. The doily looks lovely!

    I'm in Chicago for a conference- close but not close enough I think....

    I ordered Martha's book too, I hope it's waiting for me when I go home tonight!

  2. This doily is looking really fabulous! You do lovely work.

  3. Yep, they changed blogger. I've been using the new interface (gosh, I can't believe I actually sort of understand the word "interface" now!) for a few weeks already. It takes some getting used to.

    The doily's looking good! Please bring it for show-and-tell ^_^

  4. Wow you've really made alot of progress on that doily. It looks great!


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