Monday, March 26, 2012

Mystery Thread

The next shuttle in my collection is Vineyard from LaCossette. I LOVE this shuttle! Normally, I don't care for purple, but I knew this shuttle had to be mine from the moment I saw it. As I took it from its place in the display case, I saw that the bobbin was fully loaded, but what was the thread on there? I've looked through my Handy Hands thread chart, and none of the colors seem to be the right one. So, unless one of you can help identify this pretty colorway, it will remain a mystery thread!

LaCossette was kind enough to respond to my plea for help with the thread binding up in the bobbin...

I thought about what you said about the thread sometimes getting imbedded on the bobbin, making it hard to unwind. I would guess maybe that's when the bobbin is a bit tight and you have to pull a bit harder on the thread to make it unwind and that forces it in between the layers of thread below. Might that be it? In that case, you just have to be a bit more careful to help the bobbin along rather than just pull the thread out. It has happened to me on a rare occasion, but I know what you mean.

I paid close attention as I was tatting, and I think she's right... and, I think that uneven winding of the bobbin contributes to the problem. I may try using the bobbin winder on my sewing machine to load the next bobbin. That way the tension and the winding would be more even. I'll be sure to let you know if that helps!


  1. That mystery thread is pretty!

    I have wondered about the messed up thread on my bobbin - I never thought about it being from pulling so hard on it, but it makes perfect sense! I need to slow down and pay better attention :) Thanks for the tip!

  2. More beautiful motifs! I keep wanting to buy her pansy shuttle. I'm going to one of these days, she keeps listing them. Your shuttle is beautiful! I'll have to keep that in mind about the pulling the thread, it happens to me too and that answer makes a lot of sense, thanks for sharing!

  3. Yes, but is one supposed to wind the thread tightly so the thread will not disappear into lower levels, or more loosely? Is even tension the issue whether tight or loose? How can thread be wound evenly by hand?
    Fox : 0

  4. I believe that's Ocean Sunset. Lovely!

  5. I have noticed that same issue Diane,
    and you are correct in thinking it has to do with uneven winding, particularly loose winding. and if the bobbin is a bit snug, it will cause the thread to slip down through the layers and get caught.
    pretty shuttle, just like all of yours.

  6. I am totally enjoying your tatting art HUGS

  7. I can't get on with bobbin shuttles at all, which is why I haven't bought one of the various beautiful options available at this time! ( A big problem is the noise... :)
    I did find they were difficult to unwind, though, as well.)

  8. No idea of what the thread may be but it is pretty. I agree with the bobbin issue. Sometimes I wind thread tighter thinking I'll get more thread on the bobbin. Wrong. Just have problems that slow down the tatting. Karen in OR BTW I've enjoyed your Spring Break as I get to see more of your tatting.

  9. I am so completely loving seeing all the stumpies in the different thread colors you are doing, and doing them all in stumpy makes it nice because the pattern is all the same, so it shows off the thread more! I am truly enjoying seeing which thread you are going to show next!!! It is making me want to get out my sulky threads and start something, now if I can get all my wips done, that might be a possibility!


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