Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sulky Blendables #4020 ~ Moss Medley

I was a little bored tatting with Moss Medley. The color is so close to Forest Floor. On the spool, Moss Medley appears to have more gold in it, and Forest Floor more green. So it could be that if I were tatting a larger piece, such as Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel glass mat, I might see a greater difference in the two colors. Maybe that should be my next challenge!

It was a pleasure using my new pink fish shuttle from Anika Nassar. I love the way the "scales" sparkled as I tatted! : )


  1. I really like this one! It's like my "Camolicious" :o) and I just love Camo! lol

  2. You do know you are killing me over here with all the beautiful green threads!!!! I love green!!! I think I will go out and run through the back yard.....after I pick up from the beagle!!!!!


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