Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sulky Blendables #4031 ~ Country Colonial

I think Country Colonial is a very pretty color combo, and it goes very well with the shuttle... purely accidental! Yes, this is another shuttle I decorated with fabric from Ann. I do like the flexibility and the color/pattern choices when using fabric. However, it is much thicker than the single layer of napkin. On this shuttle, one end had come unglued, so I dabbed a little on, held it in place for a few minutes, and it was as good as new!

Another set of Stumpy motifs is on its way to The Shuttle Shop!


  1. Goegrous set of beautifully tatted stumpys


  2. The stumpies look very pretty together.

  3. I love the stumpy pattern...but have not yet made quite so many as you :) Love the colours you have been playing with and really enjoyed reading some older posts too. How is the bobbin lace coming along?!?!


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