Friday, August 10, 2012

Celtic Prayers from Iona

I've been reading about Lisa's travels abroad, and loving every minute of it! Oh, to have the time and money to visit all the wonderful places she's been. Maybe some day...

Anyway, Lisa wrote about Celtic Prayers from Iona by J. Philip Newell. I enjoy reading devotional books, so I ordered it and I'm very happy that I did.

Like any good librarian, I felt that it needed a special bookmark. My friend Denise and I have been discussing "Christina" from Tatted Bookmarks: cross-shaped by Lene Bjorn. This is a pattern I have tatted several times, but never before in size 80 thread. I'm very pleased with the finished bookmark! I used size 80 Lizbeth #144, Leaf Swirl. The finished size is 3" x 2 1/4" without the tassel. Since I really prefer very thin bookmarks, I think I may try this pattern again in quilting thread.

Do you ever have trouble following charted patterns? The charted patterns are my favorite, but I can get lost in them. I almost always make a copy of the pattern and mark off the rings and chains as I finish them. I still make mistakes, but not nearly so many! I find that by doing this, I get a much better feel for the flow of the pattern.

What are your tips for following intricate patterns?


  1. Your bookmark is really great!! :)
    I used sticky note arrows when using diagrams to help me know where I am. :)

  2. Gorgeous cross. I used to do like you but now I put the patterns on my iPad so I'm lost! Have to come up with a new plan!

  3. I have had to count the rings while I am working. And make marks on the pattern to keep my place when I have to put it down. I make copies of patterns too. yeah for a fax/copier/scanner in our home office.

  4. Great bookmark, and a lovely colour,

  5. I cover the patterns with coloured markers... Lots of colours. A right mess in fact.

    But I do that with written ones as well. Anything that helps the dyslexia, I will try! It is a challenge. Sometimes the charts are better, sometimes not - always a crap shoot!

    Your cross is beautiful and in #80! Wow! You are going to have to retire to keep up with all the tatting you are up to lately!

    xxoo Fox : )

  6. this is wonderful. beautiful tatting. yes, i agree, a copy of the pattern with some post-it notes or clear book tags are what I use.

    It is so easy for me to lose track of the diagrams or written patterns when I look at the tatting I'm trying to create!

    enjoy the day

  7. The cross looks good, quite a match for the book. I usually make a copy of the pattern so I can have it with the tatting. Sometimes it's marked up, sometimes not, but it's count, count and re-count! And then count again :P And sometimes re-tat, too!

  8. I enjoy devotional books as well : ) Also, I recently ordered that cross bookmark book! So many lovely patterns! I agree with liking thinner bookmarks but never though to make them in size 80! I must try that : ) I actually prefer diagrammed patterns. I get lost in the rambling on of written ones : )

  9. Your bookmark is perfect for this book. Happy Tatting...

  10. thank you Diane - you are my first follower! Actually I did have followers but I lost them when I did something silly and had to make a new blog! Your work is beautiful. Re patterns - I send mine to both my Kindle and iPad.It makes life a wee bit easier. I am ashamed to say that, although I live in Scotland (Edinburgh) I have never been to Iona - I must make a visit as I believe it is a wonderful place


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