Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Tat This!" in Leafy Greens

I am extremely flattered... Mom wants to frame my Blue Ice "Tat This!" doily, and daughter Joanne asked for one in green!

I've decided to play with stitch count and picot size for Joanne's. The Blue Ice version had 10 rings in the center, although the fabric picture seems to show 8 rings. So, for Joanne's I chose to make the picots slightly larger. I did have to apply a shot of steam, but so far, so good!

Note: I just read on Miranda's blog that this doily is actually the first three rounds of Mom's Doily by Nancy Tracy. Thank you, Nancy, for sharing your wonderful designs! I hope I've represented your pattern in a way that pleases you.


  1. oooh another one. looking good

  2. The blue looks beautiful and the green looks good so far

  3. Your tatting looks a bit different - from the link to be-stitch Nancy; but both are lovely!

    Your tatting skills continue to amaze me - you were able to look at a fabric piece and actually tat the motif.

    How kewl is that?

  4. Doesn't it make you feel all warm and fuzzy that others - family, friends - like what you do?
    Good luck with the green one, it looks good so far.

  5. Oh how wonderful!!! And the green one is looking good too!! :)

  6. Oh My Goodness Diane. Your tatting is absolutely stunning. I had to read the previous posts I have missed to see all that you have been tatting. From that photo of fabric is amazing for you to end up with a beautiful tatted doily. Tattilicious my dear...


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