Monday, August 20, 2012

Two-Color Star

Well, that's the name of the pattern. As you can see, my star is not in two colors!

Lily and Ella asked for stars as part of their birthday presents, and this one was great fun to tat! It's from Oh My Stars! by Kaye B. Judt.

I met Kaye at the Lafayette Lacers Lace Day the year this book came out, 2006. My how time flies! I feel very lucky to have an autographed copy!

I wonder if I could successfully adapt this pattern to have a doodad in the middle?

Speaking of doodads... I mailed off quite a few today, and I'll be mailing some more off tomorrow. There's some good news, and possibly some bad news. The good news is that I posted 25 envelopes today. The bad news... after all the postage was affixed, the mail lady told me that marking fragile on the envelope really wouldn't do anything. Everything goes through a machine, fragile or not. For those who receive domed doodads, I did put a little bubble wrap around the doodads. However, the mail lady said they could be crushed, and if I really wanted to protect them I should buy padded envelopes at $1.29 each. The doodads worked out to cost about 15 cents each. I just couldn't justify spending $1.29 per envelope. So, if your domed doodad arrives crushed, please email me and I will send you flat doodads.

Sheesh! Why does having a little fun have to be so complicated! ;-)


  1. Crushed or nt, I'm willing to try! Thanks for organizing ANOTHER fun thing! You are always so generous and encouraging!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing! I can't wait to receive the doodads and start working on this project!

    :) Thank you for visiting my blog, glad you enjoyed my shuttle collection, I make regular updates, hope to see you back.


  3. The star looks wonderful!

    Now...Hmm... The padded envelopes are just lined with bubble-wrap, so I don't see the difference. I think they'll be fine --except maybe a bubble might pop and scare the USPS workers. ;-)

    Stephanie Grace

  4. Nice to know the postal service takes such care with OUR packages! However, I'm sure the doodads will be fine; the only way I can really see a problem happening is if some of them have glass rhinestones on them.

    I think a doodad would fit nicely in that star; I even have one or two in my own stash that are 5-sided.

    I always think it's silly when people give their patterns names based on the colors they used, like "Blue Doily" or something. As if we're all going to tat it in the same color!

  5. What a nice lady at least she was being helpful and trying to do her best, would not get that in the UK, they would just take the envelope put the stamp on it and it would have to take its chance.

    I am looking forward to my letter and hopefully they will arrive ok, they should do if they are in bubble warp, bubble warp does protect very well, hopefully they will all arrive ok for you.

  6. :-)that's why I didn't join in - I really don't trust the SA postal system and it would be unreasonable to ask you to spend a fortune on posting. I hope they will all arrive safely anyway.

  7. I was just thinking that a doodad center would look good in that star, then read what you wrote, so I vote, yes! it would work with a doodad in the middle:)
    The post office must be cutting back. I know in the past you could request they hand stamp an envelope. It was good of her to mention it to you for in the future. My fingers are crossed that all arrive safely!


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