Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Today's letter...


The pink is for Eva, and the purple is for Ella. The pattern is by Gill Fisher and can be found in Tatting 2000: Ring of Tatters. Both are size 20 thread, but as you can see, different brands yield a different size.

The pink is Lizbeth #621. The purple is Flora #64. They were both so much fun to tat! I wonder if Aidan would like a frilly A? Maybe not...


  1. How about a D or an M? These are so fun!

  2. There are several alphabet patterns available now; maybe he'd like an A that doesn't have so many frilly picots on it, just so as not to leave him out. Or maybe a tatted animal of some sort instead.

  3. Lovely 'E's'. Nice pattern, I think you a re starting something

  4. These patterns could be so useful, thank you for sharing them!

  5. How beautiful each letter is when done in tatting. I have not seen this before and am amazed. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  6. Love your tatted letters! Maybe leaving off the decorative picots would make it look more "manly" for the boy.


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