Saturday, February 23, 2013


I wanted to use two of my favorite shuttles for my next project, which meant I had to use up some thread left on shuttles! There was very little thread left on the one shuttle, so I just unwound it and put it in the circular file. However, the other shuttle had quite a bit of hand-dyed thread left on it, so...

I tatted some Leaf Braid (from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior). I'm not sure of the color. I think it may be Summer Trail, but it's been too long since I used it, and I'm too lazy to look back and see what I made with it!

My next task was to wind my shuttles with size 20 Lizbeth #168, Latte Foam. The shuttles are from Grizzly Mountain Arts. The top shuttle is the GMA signature logo. The bottom shuttle is one that I commissioned Dave to make for me when my dad passed away. Dad was almost as big a fan of Dave's work as I am!

Never let it be said that I've forgotten my beloved Spinning Wheel! This one is in size 10 Teeny Bopper from Yarnplayer. The shuttles are ones that I blinged recently. They match origami pouches that I made for myself. I certainly am self-indulgent!


  1. Good way to use up thread on a bobbin. It could be a bookmark? The spinning wheel will be big in size 10. How big?

  2. Lovely little piece of braid, I used up bits from the shuttle making either little butterflies or little flowers which I put on cards.
    The spinning wheel will look great in that colour way.

  3. Lovely tatting! Beautiful shuttles. And I noticed the colors matched you origami bag (before I read that part of your post!)

    I found out the local library has one of the Konior books - Tatting Patterns. I hope to drive over tomorrow and take a look. (I don't have a card for that system).


  4. Such beautiful tatting in such lovely colours :)

  5. Very beautiful leaf braid!! :)
    And Blue shuttles!!! Totally awesome!!! :)

  6. Nice way to use up shuttle thread. I love the shuttles. What a wonderful way to have something to remember your dad. And you do such a nice job on shuttles, too :-)


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