Sunday, March 17, 2013

Easter egg hunt

Last year I looked and looked and could find nothing but plastic eggs. Yesterday I had the urge to go shopping (that doesn't happen often, as it's a 40 minute drive to get to more than the grocery or hardware store). You'll never guess what I found... lots and lots of eggs!

At WalMart, I found plastic eggs... brights, pastels, and metallics. Not exactly what I wanted, but they were inexpensive, so I went ahead and bought them.

Next, I headed to Michaels...

Bingo! I found speckled, colored eggs in varying sizes, some with hanging ribbons attached.

Feeling very good about my purchases, I headed to Hobby Lobby...

I found yellow eggs,

more yellow eggs,

and more yellow eggs!

I found pink eggs. My biggest problem was finding a place to put all the eggs!

I filled every little dish and tea cup I had on display.

I have dozens of eggs everywhere!

Why? I want to put tatting on eggs!

Silly me... I thought I could easily design tatting for eggs. Here are my first two attempts, neither of which will wrap around an egg.

I think I'll take a break from this and get back to my Jan Stawasz doily!


  1. Sounds like you had a eggstra special day! I'm sure you'll find success with your egg tatting!

  2. Dare I say - you must be egg bound by now!!! Cluck, cluck, cluck!!!

  3. Wow, that's a lot of eggs!

    The book Elegant Tatting Patterns by Janet Carroll has several patterns to fit over eggs. Another idea is to make a short length of edging and join the end to the beginning to make a circle, which could then be slipped around the middle of and egg.

  4. First it was a shock to hear that you have to drive 40 minutes to get to any shops, but now that I have been over the pond can quite see that is possible. Then to hear about all those eggs, oh and the names of the shops, had so so much fun shopping in them in September. The eggs look great and good luck with trying to cover them.

  5. They may not be able to wrap around eggs, but they are quite lovely in and of themselves. I like the bottom version best. Would it be all right for me to copy the picture and make one for myself, or do you want to save it?

  6. Jan Stawasz's latest book has three tatted egg designs, but they are much, much bigger than any eggs you found in your shopping. But you could always tat a chick, bunny or just a tiny flower design and glue it on some of the eggs. I'm sure you will come up with something tatted to add to your egg displays.

  7. I have a difficult time these days holding myself back from buying any more eggs at the craft stores, so I found this to be an amusing story!! I literally have dozens of eggs of all kinds stashed around the house, waiting for some kind of decoration, including, of course, tatting! All the major craft stores are within a 10-mile radius, so it's only too easy for me to 'hang out' at those stores and get into trouble!

    I agree with Marie and Miranda that you don't have to entirely cover the egg. A simple motif or an 'edging' pattern circling the middle can be quite attractive. And I know you can add some 'bling'!! :)

  8. I hope they don't all hatch! Lots of plastic chicks. I saw some excellent eggs recently. If I find them again I'll send you a link.

  9. Your designs look fabulous even if they won't go around eggs!!! :)

  10. Impressive collection of eggs! It seems that the Easter bunny must have headquarters at your house :-)


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