Monday, April 15, 2013

Worth the wait

I've been waiting for a special package from Janemactats, but it turned out to be far more special than I ever expected!

First, when I opened the package I found a gorgeous pair of knit gloves. Aren't they wonderful? They fit like, well, a glove! I had trouble taking a picture of both hands, but trust me, they fit perfectly!

Next, I found this beautiful Celtic bookmark. I love the contrasting colors. Who knows, I may even be inspired to try this some day!

Can you believe that Jane tatted a shuttle bag for me? It's even in my favorite color, blue!

Now here is what I was really expecting... my very own silver shuttle with my initials engraved in it! Do you remember Jane blogging about her shuttle? Well I contacted her, and her wonderful husband arranged for the jeweler to make one for me! The price was, as Jane warned me, "eye-watering."

However, the weight is perfect. The silver is gorgeous, and the jeweler did a fantastic job! I can hardly wait to start tatting! It won't happen tonight, though. I have a school board meeting to attend. Sigh! Maybe when I get home.

Thank you, Jane! This has been a wonderful start to the new week!


  1. Oh wow! What a wonderful package! I especially love the beaded bag! Gorgeous.,

  2. Yowza! What goodies! Enjoy!

  3. Gorgeous goodies, brilliant package, love the shuttle hope to tats as well as it looks.

  4. So glad the parcel has arrived safely!!

  5. Wow! What treasures! An amazing array of beautiful things -and all very different and very special! And an exquisite shuttle, too! A wonderful addition to your collection!

  6. *drool.drool* Such goodies are so gorgeous as to induce Pavlovian response. (Hee, hee)

  7. oooh, lovely things in your package! Love the shuttle bag, and hope your new shuttle is much enjoyed


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