Sunday, July 28, 2013

Decision made!

The mistake in my edging is now gone! I did consider using it for a hanky. I did consider cutting the mistake out and joining new thread. In the end though, the little bit of perfectionist in me won out, and I retro-tatted.

As you can see, it really wasn't very much thread, and the rings and chains came out very easily.

I'm so much happier with the edging now! I'm not very good at going back to unfinished projects, and I really wanted this edging for a specific person. So, I made the right choice for me at this time.

Mom arrived at my house today, and she brought along some photos to share.

This one must have been taken in the 80s. From left to right are my sisters Lisa and Janet, and I'm standing next to my brother David. I'm the oldest, then Janet, Lisa, and David. Mom says this is her favorite picture of the four of us.

I must be about 25 in this picture. I'm holding my oldest daughter Alison. Lisa is four years younger than me. We were on a family vacation at Lake Archibald in Wisconsin.

In this picture, my Grandmother Jones is holding my mom. That's my Uncle Leonard standing next to them. I always thought that Grandma was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. I always wanted to be tall like her! This picture was taken in front of her sister's house north of Philadelphia.

Today we made another photographic memory... Mom with four of her six great-grandchildren. From left to right... my grandson Aidan, Mom holding my granddaughter Sophia, my granddaughter Eva, and my sister Janet's grandson Gavin. I think Eva and Mom have the same smile!


  1. I think it is great looking back at old family photos. Memories. memories!!! It is also fun making new pictures and creating new memories. Your Mom is one happy lady - beaming ear to ear.

  2. I can understand the perfectionist in you with tatting....I'm that way with my knitting...and well...everything else. It looks great!
    I really enjoyed the photos of you and your family. Wonderful!

  3. Well done for doing the retro tatting, now you can proceed as planned! Love the photos, thanks for showing them.

  4. Lovely to see your photos, I am sure they brought back memories for you. Another photo for the album with your mum and the great gran kids, that is one they will treasure in years to come.
    Well done unpicking the tatting, hope it works out new for you.

  5. Yes, you unpicked nicely and those photos are nice to see. Nothing like a women who holds herself well when she has some height to her, and has a wonderful confidence. Lucy Ball I hear was 6 ft 1 inch among other women actors.(saw a whole show on it)

  6. Love your edging!! :)
    Great family photos!! :)

  7. Great decision to retro tat, it looks fabulous!

    I love family photos - they bring back so many memories. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great pictures of your adorable family! I loved seeing them, Diane.

    Such pretty tatting! xo


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