Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Only one pattern repeat...

That's all I have in me tonight.

I did watch the clock to see how long it took... one hour and twenty minutes. I shaved ten minutes off my time. I feel like a speed tatter!


  1. It's looking good -- and it's going to be a big doily! You can tell people you made a small tablecloth.

  2. I'm exhausted just thinking about tatting this round! But you are like a marathon runner - keeping your thoughts on the finish line! I'm impressed you're this far along already!

  3. That's a big repeat, I should think the more you tat the faster you will get, well done it's looking good so far.

  4. Diane...you ARE a speed tatter, and this is looking sooo gorgeous!
    ...I love your new picture. You're adorable! xo

  5. I was saying today to someone who wants to buy tatting from me that the problem with basing price on time taken is that the more familiar you are with a pattern, the faster it goes! So not a very standard measure, as you're finding.


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