Sunday, January 19, 2014

Drifted in

I'm not saying we're snowed in, because it isn't snowing... that was yesterday! Dave went out and ran the snowblower this morning so that I could get out and go to church, but within 20 minutes we couldn't see the path. So, I'm playing it safe and staying home.

Yesterday was a wonderful day! Tollway Tatters met... Sue Anna, Marilee, Barbara, Alison, and me. Not everyone could attend, but it was a nice restful time to get together. I'm always pleased to spend time with my tatting friends, even if we have to cut the time short as we did yesterday. We met at 10, and by 11:30 it was snowing. We usually stay until 2, 3, or even 4 o'clock, but yesterday we decided it would be wiser to leave around 1. The roads were nasty down by my house, so I'm glad we headed home early. I think this was the first time that not one of us remembered to take pictures of the group!

Have you seen Marilee's new book? I've been waiting for the hard copy, have to have that autographed you know, but I now have the digital version, a gift from Sue Anna. Thank you, Sue Anna! The designs are fabulous!

Sue Anna and I participated in a little retail therapy...

Between the two of us, we managed to deplete Marilee's inventory of Snowflake HDT, sizes 10, 20, 40, and 80. I love this color combination! Sue Anna also gave me a flat shuttle made by "'im in the garage" and sold by Jane Eborall. I love flat shuttles, and there's nothing like the feel of wood!

As promised, I have not been tatting much this week, and as a result, my elbow is feeling much better. I'm going to take it very slowly for the next couple of weeks to make sure it is completely healed. Can you guess what pattern this is? Mom asked for it in dark green, and I just happened to have some on hand.

The blinged shuttle was decorated by a former student of mine. I now have her children in school. How can that be possible? Anyway, Rachel does amazing things with acrylic nail polish, and she truly surprised me with this example of her work! It makes my bling efforts look really primitive. Will that stop me? Of course not!


  1. So pleased you drifted in, great title for the post. Love the shuttle I think you are doing another spinning wheel mat.

  2. Shame you had to cut the meeting short. Note here. It's even WORSE when you see that kids you taught at the age of 5 are now grandparents!!! Makes the OG feel even older!!

  3. Glad you were able to get together even if you had to cut it short. It was probably a wise idea to stay home, too, if the wind was blowing the snow that bad.
    Lovely shuttle you were given. Hmm, could it be some kind of mat you are making :-p

  4. It may be treacherous to drive in, but it sure looks beautiful! Good to hear your elbow is doing better. I have learned the hard way not to over do it.

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  6. wow we are getting the cold here but missing the snow so that's okay with me but it does look pretty.

  7. So very glad your elbow is better and you are able to tat another spinning wheel. It is beautiful in dark green.
    Thank you for posting some pictures of the snow in your neck of the woods. We hardly ever get snow. :(
    I can, at least, enjoy it in photos.

  8. I love the green. Also glad to see you're utilizing Dad's stool.

  9. We've had more snow, too, the last couple of days, and more in the forecast.....sigh.....Lovely blinged shuttle!
    Hope your elbow is better soon!

  10. You all are more brave than I. I did some tatting & thought about all of you!

    Should we blame it on the blizzard of tatted snowflakes??? LOL

    After our State of Emergency and 15-18" of snow, I'm leaning to over cautious.

    We have lake effect snow in today's forecast maybe 6-12" - actually snow in weather forecast in five of 10 days. : (

  11. Totally understand the drifted in and I think you were smart to stay safe!!! We have had that drifting too and there is a good 2ft. drift running along side our mobile home and I have to keep shoveling the part that re-drifts back in front of the steps all the time.
    I ordered some of that snowflake thread online so I am jealous that I have to wait for mine. :)

  12. Do you tat differently with a flat shuttle than you do with a regular one? I've been wondering that, so I decided to ask :) Stay safe and warm!


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