Monday, February 24, 2014

Bazooka or Double Bubble?

That's the question that ran through my mind all weekend as I worked on my latest Spinning Wheel. I'm a Bazooka girl, or at least I was. I can't imagine sticking a wad of that sticky sweet stuff in my mouth any more... my fillings might fall out of my teeth! I remember reading the comics while softening that pink chunk in my mouth. I never did care for the taste of Double Bubble, but there were times when any pink would do... except for that awful stuff that came with baseball cards!

So, enquiring minds want to know... which bubble gum do/did you prefer?

Or maybe as a tatter, you'd rather say which thread you prefer. This is size 20 Flora, #37. I haven't checked in a long time. Is Flora even available any more?

There was a lovely surprise in the mail on Saturday...

goodies for my tatting students from Tatting Marie! The kids were so excited! Thank you, Marie!

Paige chose this pretty snowflake as her reward for tatting a ring and chain pattern... two of them, in fact! Paige told me that she has tatted a whole ball of thread at home. It must be time to go shopping!

Grace has been practicing her chain and picot pattern. She chose an adorable tatted nativity.

Yesterday at church, a friend of mine whose oldest child is in second grade, asked me if her daughter would be learning to tat next year in third grade. I guess the word is spreading!


  1. My mother said only cows chew their cud, not young ladies.

  2. Your pink glass mat is very pretty!!! :) I used to love Bazooka bubble gum!! :)
    Still looks like the tatting class is a lot of fun!! :)

  3. Sounds as though there are plenty more prospective tatters to come - that's good.

  4. Those were the days of bazooka was the one and perfecting the bubble and teaching others the art! even learned that peanut butter removes the gum from long hair! That's a cute name for tatting thread! great tatting by students and wonderful gifts of tatting she really sent some cute items love the moose and manger scene!

  5. Such a wonderful thing to do (teaching at school). Yes word spreads when others see others doing things. It is such an inspiration to see these little minds take hold. I look forward to reading this blog to see how things are going.

  6. Yes I can still buy Flora here in the UK, but I found the thread hard to use, perhaps I am too much of a softy
    Great inspiration with your kids, when my hand get back to full recovery I will make some bits for them

  7. Es un hilo muy bonito y ese diseño me encanta.Besos.

  8. I'm pretty sure Flora was discontinued by Handy Hands. Since they have Lizbeth now, they seem to be getting rid of a number of their threads.

  9. I am really amazed that these young children love to make double stitches and picots! How do you motivate them for this? Not only with these lovely presents, i suppose?

  10. Diane, there isn't a thing you've made that I absolutely don't love!...I'm a Bazooka girl myself...It's great how all the kids are doing with their tatting, but with you as their teacher, how could they not!!!...How sweet of Marie to send all those goodies for them. xoxo

  11. I wasn't allowed to chew gum - it pulls your fillings out - but when I *could* get my hands on it, I preferred Bazooka. The other ones just didn't taste very good to me. Seems like whenever I find a thread I really like, it gets discontinued. I guess my current favorite would be DMC but I buy mostly other threads because DMC quit making all but a few colors, and I seem to 'need' color.

  12. Hi
    I was reading another blog comments and seen your name.
    I have always wondered how you do tatting?
    I had some old tatting thing of a bobs and just sold them. I guess they are called tatting needles.
    Anyway it's always so pretty I like it much better than crochet



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