Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Beaded beauties

The kids are going to go wild over these pretty little motifs from Stephanie! I probably should have taken a picture before I bagged them, but now they're ready for third graders to ooh and ah over!

Thank you, Stephanie!

The third graders have been terrific about completing their library work and following directions, so each class earned a Library Day this week. When they earn a Library Day, they have the freedom to choose from a variety of activities, including tatting. They were very excited to earn some extra tatting time this week!

Paige wanted to practice her picots today.

Delaney finished her six inches of Fancy Pants and chose the airplane as her prize.

When Paige finished her pattern of chains and picots, she chose this adorable little dog.

Peyton is working really hard to get her six inches of Fancy Pants completed. Her grandma bought her a package of shuttles and a ball of thread from Hobby Lobby. It took Peyton a little longer to tat six inches, because she's working with size 20 thread, and everyone else is working with size 10.

When you think of everything the kids are learning... measurement, paying attention to details, following directions, etc. ...I think tatting should become a part of every elementary school curriculum!


  1. Oh I totally agree. Bring tatting to the education of young people and maybe we won't lose timeless traditions. I need to go back to elementary school so I can learn to tat and get an iPad! It is NOT appropriate for me to be envious of young school children...however I just want to learn and be current in this world. Come on adult ed...teach what I want to learn...Please! Thank you Diane for letting me soapbox...

  2. The kids are doing great! You go, tatting teacher!

    Stephanie rocks! Beautiful little samples for the young tatters to enjoy.

    What a great service you are up to - a whole new crop of lacemakers in the works!
    Fox : ))

  3. These are very lucky children being taught to tat, the best age to learn, it must have been the age I was taught. Even if they do not keep up the craft now they can always come back to it later on and in particular remember you Diane who was such a great teacher. Stephanie's motifs are just great.

  4. Beautiful motifs!! :)
    Great learners and wonderful progress!!! :)

  5. I think Stephanie did a great job these are wonderful makes me want to tat. This is so fun to see how well they are doing and nice picots! :)

  6. Beautiful beaded beauties,
    Well done tatting teacher I am sure you are greatest teacher they have.

  7. I'm also oohing and ahhing over those motifs! They certainly show how beads add bling to tatting, and I know the kids will get excited about that! It will be a great incentive to keep practicing!

    It really is wonderful what you have started!

  8. What fab motifs Stephanie sent you! And what a neat way to inspire your new tatters. Way to go Diane!

  9. Dear lll, i admire your teaching skill, and i admire your kids. Please tell them. It is nice that you give them a present. I wonder if several people will send you lite sailing ships soon?

  10. Tally Tatty, I have received many beautiful tatted motifs to share with the kids. Tatters are so generous!


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