Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Arches, Round 1

This was a nice, easy round to tat. I really like seeing the Victorian Red next to my grey pants. I actually considered using charcoal grey thread for this round, but when the ball of thread wasn't where I thought it should be, I continued with the red. I was just too lazy to continue looking!

Chains seem to be in fashion at Grant Park Elementary!

Today, I gave a lesson in blocking to a group of girls. Paige finished another motif. I showed the girls how to hide the ends of the thread, and then Paige thoroughly wet the motif. The girls watched as I pressed the motif into shape with my fingers. Paige carefully carried her motif back to class to dry.

Shelby is getting very close to finishing her motif. I can hardly wait to show it!


  1. Your doily is looking great!! :)
    Love the motifs tatted by the kids!! :)

  2. wow she is getting good and showing others too! are you running low on the little prizes?
    I do like that red and the doily it looks great that pattern is unusual and nice!

  3. Well done Paige! The red looks good, you can safely stick with it.

  4. Wow!! The children are going great! I must get your envelope away...I do love the beginnings of your new doily, and the red is lovely!

  5. This just tickles me. Look at Paige go!

  6. Red is also MY favorite color! I see your Mom and I are on the same wavelength! Conveniently, I married in the winter, soon after Christmas, and red was an obvious choice for my 2 wedding attendants!

    I continue to be delighted with the kids' progress, and dazzled by Paige's accomplishment here! I'm sure I mentioned before that it is so satisfying to see the results of teaching the chain first. I have advocated that since 1991 but you are putting it into action with this young generation! And your 'rewards' system is such a great idea!

  7. Arches is turning out very nice in the red. Maybe you can put in the charcoal when you run across it.
    Your student tatter's progress is just so satisfying to see! Clever little fingers!

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  9. Well done Page! go, Shelby, go!

    You can soon start a new blog: 'Diane's tatting kids'.That would be great fun, and very inspiring for all of us!


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