Thursday, May 8, 2014

Late Winter Snowflake

I finished Robin's "Late Winter Snowflake" last night, and gave it a shot of steam this morning. It looks like I should really pin it down properly before sending it off to Mom.

This is a snowflake I will definitely tat again! If I had only looked at a picture of it, I think I would have made it more complicated than it is. The snowflake is tatted in one round... my favorite type of design!

Yesterday's mail brought a new tatting book! I have way more tatting books than any single person could ever use in a lifetime, but I can't help myself. It must be the librarian in me!

There are some beautiful designs in this book. The author, Tomoko Morimoto, is the daughter of the fabulous Teiko Fujito. The pictures are fantastic, and thread yardage is given for each design. The shuttles used are the pastel Clover, which I happen to love using. There is a fabulous silk shawl that I'm tempted to tat. I'll have to do the math to figure out how much silk thread I'll have to buy. I dread doing math!

There was one aspect of the book that surprised me. Tomoko Morimoto doesn't hide her thread ends! She ties a knot, snips the threads close to the knot, and glues the thread down. I've done that in an emergency, but it is not my preferred method of hiding thread ends. If I decide to make the silk shawl, I may have to use a dab of glue to keep the thread from sliding out, but I think I will still sew in my ends for a bit.

There are some interesting threads introduced in this book, ones I'd not heard of before. I didn't do an intense study, but it appears that all of the threads used in the book are available at either Handy Hands or Lacis.

I also managed to start the next round of Renulek's Letnia. I do love Arctic Waters!


  1. The book sounds fascinating. I look forward to seeing what you make from it. Love the red snowflake!

  2. That book sounds interesting, my hubby keeps on that I have a lot of books and a lot of tatting books and why do I need so many, I think it's a woman thing I don't collect shoes I collect books.

    I am at the same point on the doily as you are in the picture, loving your thread colour.
    Beautiful snowflake, I got the pattern from your link, another new one for Christmas

  3. Oh, you enabler, you! The book will gave to stand in line as I am eyeing the Occhi book that Wendy has been displaying tatting from lately. : ) interested? Have a boo at umintsuru's blog and drool!

    The red snowflake is great. Your mom will love it.
    Fox : )

  4. Is that a Banyek shuttle?

  5. I think a proper lady ties off and hides her stitches, it's a 4H thing:) I have used glue and freycheck but on an heirloom, and of silk, I really would not.
    love the red snowflake, and love one round too!

  6. I like Robin's patterns and your snowflake looks great in red!

  7. Hahaha, I think I smashed my snowflake down with a wet paper towel to get it to lay flat :) I had almost forgotten until you mentioned steaming it.

    Your Renulek doily is looking great so far! Makes me regret not buying arctic waters.

  8. Wonderful snowflake!!! :)
    Your doily is looking wonderful(of course!)!! :)

  9. The red snowflake is gorgeous! It looks beautifully blocked to me.

    Your new book sounds interesting, but not sewing ends in...gosh, that sounds so 2 centuries ago :)

  10. Pretty snowflake! I'm loving it.

    Also like Arctic Waters.


  11. This is a coïncidence, but Amazon sent me that Japanese book today as well. My first thought was: I wish Paige and her friends could see this. Well, they will.

    I also love it, and other Japanese books as well. They are sober, simple and perfect.

    I try tro improve my tatting and learn every technique , but it relaxes me to look at this simple patterns. I hate working threads in, it looks thick and ugly. But glue is also not the answer.
    I may loosen in the wash.
    The best thing is using a 'magic thread', but I have no time for that at the moment.
    have fun with your new book!

  12. I believe a Librarian should own and enjoy lots of books. This new one sounds very interesting. I love love love your new artic blue tatting. Creative Tatting Bliss...

  13. Looks like you beat me to posting about this book. I bought the ebook version, doesn't take up space that way. The way the book is written, I'm assuming it's for beginners. I'm sure that's why she uses glue on the ends.


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