Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The weekend was wonderful, but I'm bushed! Saturday was our Tollway Tatters meeting... absolutely wonderful! Sunday I drove up to my daughter's to watch the kids so that Alison and Dan could celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary. Monday we had family over for a cookout. It was beautiful for most of the day, with rain starting in the early evening.

Inventory is in full swing in the library, but I still have students at their normal times. Teaching the kids tatting has proven to be valuable in ways I hadn't anticipated. The kids have something to do while I'm working on organizing shelves!

Lillian was very excited, because she finished six inches of Fancy Pants! Now she's ready to learn picots.

Zachary, one of the 2nd graders, came to school with a big ball of red thread that his mom bought for him. The kids were intrigued, and asked if we could get big balls of thread next time. A quick Internet search led me to a sale of Aunt Lydia's crochet cotton. The kids asked... I'll be delivering tomorrow!

I was very excited when I opened the mail today and saw my two latest acquisitions made by "'im in the garage" aka Jane Eborall's brother-in-law. I nearly forgot to visit Jane's shop on shuttle shopping day, so I was pleasantly surprised that the two I really wanted were still available. Lucky me!


  1. Tatting love comes in all ages and sizes. How wonderful to share that thread with the kids. I am so trying to learn. I wish I was young and in your tuttelage. Creative Tatting Bliss...

  2. Tatting at school I wish I had a lovely teacher at school to teach me.

  3. That is so awesome that the kids keep on tatting along!!! :)
    Nice to treat yourself with some new shuttles!! :)

  4. Nice shuttles. Wait until the students see those balls of thread! Keep on sharing your knowledge. Those lucky kids.

  5. Lovely! I am going to miss the kids over the summer. Glad you got the shuttles you wanted. I am trying one of those flat ones too.


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