Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Facing life's problems

I know I shouldn't complain, but...

Why are we so busy that we can't get together more often? We always have so much fun! Maybe we all need to retire and start a tatter's retirement village!

Why can't I figure out how to take a selfie on my own? Seriously, it took everyone at Tollway Tatters to teach me how to hold my iPad to take pictures.

Why doesn't that double chin just disappear? I don't see it when I look in the mirror in the morning.

Thank goodness, Carrie was there to set me right! Hold the iPad up, not down! I feel like such a goof!

Why does my hair look flat by the time my picture is taken? Honest, it was fluffy when I left the house this morning.

Is it possible the catch up to Sue Anna's collection of Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles? I think not! I may as well give up since I can't remember to go to Jane's shop at the opening bell!

How should we sort Sue Anna's shuttles? By size? By wood? Hook or no hook? I think in order to solve all of these enormous problems, we're just going to have to meet again.

Our next meeting is tentatively set for August 12. Why can't I add this event to my iPhone?


  1. At Tollway tatters I think you turn into a 5 year old...Why?...Why?...Why? ;)
    (Honestly, I have some of the same questions myself, like the poofy hair and double chin). Looks like you a all have a wonderful time.

  2. It all looks so fun. Wish I didn't have to go BACK TO SCHOOL (argh) on the 12th!

  3. Time went too fast. Great to see you all again!

  4. Looks like a fun event. Instructive too, as you learnt to take a selfie!

  5. So much fun! Always love getting together with you all.

  6. You guys have so much fun! Love it!

  7. How was the tatting police doing? Didshe catch the bad boyes?

  8. Miss getting the chance to join you all!! I really enjoy at least seeing what I missed. :)
    Glad you all have a great time!!! :)

  9. Wish I was there - wish you could be a Palmetto Tat Days! How long before retirement?


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