Saturday, July 12, 2014

Goodies in the mail

I've been a bad girl lately! I can't help myself. When I see pretty shuttles needing a new home, I'm willing to provide that home.

Recently, Karen Bovard, The ShuttleSmith, started making beautiful enameled copper shuttles. I missed the boat on Karen's earlier shuttles, a case of finding out about her too late. I wasn't about to miss out this time! Aren't they pretty?

Recently, Fox posted that she needed to find a home for her recently purchased plaid and fleur-de-lis shuttles. I love plaid, and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Fox is not fond of Clover shuttles, but I love them! As a bonus, she sent me some alphabet beads, which I'm sure I can use. And did you notice the pretty pink pouch? It has paisleys on it, and I love paisley. Paisley and plaid... how can you beat that?

Have you seen Carollyn's cute bunny shuttles? I just had to have them. I've seen that others have given their bunny shuttles names. I've never been big on naming things. It was tough enough coming up with names for my children! I will think about it, though. ;-)

Today's weaving adventure produced a chenille bag large enough to hold a Kindle Paperwhite. I still haven't developed Mom's technique, but I'm trying!

And now... tatting time!


  1. Lovely shuttles, gorgeous colours.
    The bunny shuttles are beautiful
    How lovely of Fox sharing the shuttles, looks lovely in the plaid.
    Your collection of shuttles are growing.

  2. Phew, you have a lot of shuttles! I expect it took your mum some time to develop her technique. Your weaving looks good already. Woven shuttle bags?

  3. Oooh, what lovely goodies you received! Isn't it nice seeing the postman loaded down with packages? I adore your woven bags.

  4. I absolutely love seeing your shuttles you collect and cannot resist. At least they are small and don't take up acres of space. I must go check out those adorable bunny shuttles. Lovely woven bag. Blissful Tatting Time Dear...

  5. Pretty shuttles!! :)
    Nice bag!! :)

  6. Look at the loot! Lucky lady!

    Your weaving is coming along so well. Really like all the bags you've been making.


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