Sunday, July 27, 2014

More tatting with Myra

 I took it easy today and tatted two more motifs from Tatting by Myra Piper.

No. 5 is a pretty little snowflake. Of course I wonder if I could adapt it to have a doodad in the center! Maybe I'll look to see where I stowed my doodads tomorrow.

No. 6 should make a pretty doily center. I guess my fascination with doilies continues, even if I don't the ambition to start another right now.

I finished another chenille bag. The inclusions are snippets from other bags I have made. I braided the strap with chenille and the yarn used in the inclusions.

I love the way this little bag turned out! The bottom half is a bulky acrylic, and the top half is a worsted weight with a ribbon wrap. The two braided together make a great strap. My favorite part is the button!

I can hardly wait for another day of creativity!


  1. Beautiful snowflakes, yes I wonder what they would like with a doodad
    Pretty bags.

  2. Ah, a pukka snowflake! The other motif is pretty too. So you don't use the loom to make the handle, just plait it? Looks good.

  3. I am impressed with your growing talent for weaving!

  4. Great motifs, and more great bags!!! :)


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