Saturday, January 17, 2015

I shouldn't set goals

I'm no good at them. As soon as I set a goal, I get distracted. As a result, I only finished one motif today.

That's okay. I only have one to go to complete this round, and tomorrow is another day!

I spent some time weaving today. I only have about six inches left to weave on this scarf, and then it will be ready to come off the loom.


  1. You are tatting this rather quickly! The next rounds go a bit faster, and really start to bring the piece together. I should get back to mine soon...I get distracted easily as well, and put mine aside after Round VII.

  2. Lovely tatting and weaving. Weekend Bliss...

  3. I'm a great one for setting myself goals, not always sensible goals either. You're going so quickly, the round will soon be complete. I love the rich colour of the scarf.

  4. This is wonderful and I really like the brown scarf too!


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