Friday, February 6, 2015


I sat down to start round 8 this morning, and I discovered that I used the wrong stitch count for my chains!

I can't tell you how many times I checked and re-checked the pattern. You see, my chains don't lie flat, and it really bothered me, but I kept on tatting. When I went to start round 8 the stitch count I should have been using jumped out at me. I used the round 8 stitch count on round 7... drat!

This will not do! I think I might have jinxed myself by referring to this as the monster doily as others have before me. I thought of it as an endearing term, but I need to use a different term so that my luck will change. Tally Tatty commented that this will be my masterpiece, and I think she's right. So, from now on I will refer to this as the Jan Stawasz Masterpiece Doily.

Now I need to break out my scissors and snip 20 hours worth of tatting! Don't try to change my mind. By the time you read this, the snipping will have begun!


  1. Oh, no! But better to be happy with it than always be unhappy about something you could have fixed. Better luck on the next time around.

  2. Dang it! But you will love it when it's done, and especially when it's done right ;). A Masterpiece indeed!

  3. Oh no! I had my fair share of snipping on Round V, luckily not much since then. A quick note about Round VII: monedido' numbers are 5-4-6-6, but I found that I needed a little extra to get to that single ring. You might want to try 5-4-6-8 if you have the same problem as I did.

  4. Oh....I know it will be a masterpiece when you are done!

  5. I’ve seen this movie!

    What helped me was setting up a scrutinizer in my head...

    I promised myself this device would be used to alert me when something did not feel right, as in your chains were not lying flat.

    That that means there is a very good for not continuing to tat, because you have erred and must find the mistake before continuing to tat.

    This method helped me - but I only started using it when I was far more into it than you are!

    My scissors got a lot of centre stage... Keep on tatting on...

  6. Oh Bother.....but the hardest part about cutting is thinking about it beforehand!

  7. Oh drat indeed. It will be a masterpiece.

  8. Oh gosh, 20 hours!!! You are a trooper Diane! This is such a gorgeous doily, and huge...another stunning heirloom in the making! You always amaze me! xoxo

  9. Oh, doesn't that give you a sick feeling in your stomach! Hang in there Diane - we've all been there to some extent....had to get out the scissors and (painfully) snip hours and hours of work off of a project. It's an heirloom, so you want it to be just right. It'll be awesome and SO worth it, you'll see.

  10. Oh wow I am so scared I don't want to go on, you see I changed my round seven a tiny bit cause I thought it was pulling to tightly so I just started one repeat and hope it works out but if not I will gain courage from you and Fox

  11. Yes, it needs to be snipped. Reminder to myself: check the round for the stitch count. Don't let this happen to me.

    And yes, it should be called the Masterpiece.

  12. I cannot even count the hours on this baby. I would be sick if I did! I am so sorry about the cutting. I have missed a few posts and looked and thought--wait I thought round 7 was done already! Scrolled down to see the sad demolition. Have cut plenty off this piece myself but not an entire row at once. :(

    1. The only reason I had a clue as to how much time was spent on this round was that I did a math lesson with the kids... how much should I charge for this doily? The kids decided it should be over $1,000. I think I agree! ;-)


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