Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Just a little more

I managed to tat a little before school and a little after school. I'm sure I'll finish this round by the end of the week!

My friend Ashley really liked the crocheted button flowers. I had just a little bit of thread left on a ball, enough for two more button flowers. I think I've found a new way of using up little bits of thread!


  1. The button flowers are really cute I never thought of yarn on buttons it's always been tatting thread. And you are going to finish soon I am just have 4 more done than my picture so a bit a way from you.

  2. The button flowers are lovely, yes great way of using up odds and ends.
    The mat is coming along at this rate you will finish the round by the weekend

  3. Great going on your doily!! :)
    Cute button flowers!! :)


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