Thursday, February 12, 2015

Only two repeats today

I spent a lot of time clearing old files off my computer, so not much time for tatting. 

I like the way the lace looks when it's folded neatly. 

We're planning on a Tollway Tatters meeting on Monday. Maybe I'll get a lot done then!


  1. Well, you got more repeats done than I did!! I didn't touch my doily today, but hoping I will have some time this weekend.
    Lace does look elegant when folded! :)

  2. I am sure you will get more done over the weekend, stripping out a computer seems to take ages, goes on ok but taking it off takes longer, stripping mine out for my new one.

  3. yea that computer stuff take time like car repairs and DMV :)

  4. Ah, computer housekeeping has to be done, even if it takes up tatting time!

  5. Beautiful when folded. Lovely project - beautiful tatting!!!!


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