Sunday, May 31, 2015

One done!

It took me most of today to finish the first of the baby blankets. I figured I should start with one for baby boy since he will have two sisters. He may need extra attention!

My crocheted button flower collection continues to grow.

Right now I'm just crocheting and collecting. I have plenty of headbands and hair clips that can be decorated, but I'm not in the mood to use them for anything... yet! I like the idea of having them on hand so that they're readily available when I finally get inspired. 


  1. The baby blanket looks so neat with that edging! Did you use a 'tatting' thread? Yes, there will always be a use for the flowers.

  2. Gorgeous baby blanket, Lovely button flowers, there will always be a use for flowers

  3. Love the blanket and your buttons look keep looking better and better not sure how big they are some would make a cute bracelet. or some on the purses that you used to weave.

  4. Baby Boy Blankie is precious. Nothing like a handmade blankie for comfort. I still use my crocheted afghans from my Grandma. When I wrap myself in it I feel her love and hugs. Fun Button Flowers...

  5. I like your blankie. You did a lovely blanket stitch around it.


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