Monday, June 22, 2015

Holy craft, Batman!

Daughter Joanne chided me for getting behind with my blog posting, but I do have a great excuse... Joanne has been cracking the whip and forcing me to organize my craft supplies. Yes, it has taken since my last blog post to accomplish this, and I'll be honest with you... I'm not finished! I have no pictures just yet. It's too dark this early in the morning, and Joanne and Sophia are still sleeping, but I can tell you that it's either impressive or very, very scary! A huge closet upstairs is now filled with bins of craft supplies that have been organized and labeled. I can find what I'm looking for! I still have some work to do in my sewing room, but it's now manageable.

I have absolutely no reason to shop for one single craft supply. We found beautiful fabric, yarn in every size, beads galore, enough thread and tatting shuttles to open a shop... it's all a bit overwhelming!

We did take breaks to play with Sophia and time to rest. I finished this blanket for our new baby girl due in September. I think it's rather plain, but Joanne likes it.

Sophia loves socks and while we were reorganizing, I found a bag of socks just waiting for lace edgings. Luckily, I had Sophia's size!

Joanne told me which colors she would like, and I went to town!

I also crocheted edgings in royal blue and white, but those two pairs of socks were whisked away before I took pictures. I'm sure you get the idea. :-)

I love knitting my own dishcloths, and I happened to find one in progress. Daughter Carol said she would like to have two, and since I have enough cotton to last me a lifetime, I had no problem with fulfilling her wishes.

Today I'm off to pick up daughter Alison and her two kiddos. They'll be staying for the week, and Grandpa has some fun projects picked out to do with them... a water canon and an outdoor water bed. Let's hope he can keep the mosquitoes at bay!


  1. Great going !!!
    Lovely crochet work. It's always so nice when beautiful handicrafts can be functional as well ; And appreciated :-)

  2. What a great way to start your summer with lots of family and grandchildren!!! :)
    Wonderful baby blanket and such adorable socks!!! :)
    Nice dishcloths!! :)
    Outdoor waterbed??? Now I am wondering! :)

  3. It's good to have a daughter supervising the tidy up! I love, love, love those socks.

  4. Oh, good for your daughter! I'm afraid, really afraid, to get a glimpse of those pictures! Post soon.... : ))

  5. Your daughter has good sense! It's kind of inspiring to organize craft supplies, isn't it? Love the cute socks - my friend's daughter would not take hers off - even to go to bed! Enjoy those kiddos :)

  6. Daughters are fun to have and wow you are getting so much done and making most of your summer!


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