Saturday, June 13, 2015

So forgetful...

I forgot my own birthday party! My friend Peggy called about 4:30 yesterday, worried about me. Our Soup Club was supposed to meet at 4:00 to go out for dinner to celebrate Judy's and my birthdays. I was so busy enjoying myself, that I totally forgot it was Friday. Good thing Peggy called... our dinner at the Japanese steak house was delicious!

After dinner, we went back to Peggy's house where Edna had fun activities planned, and she made one of her fabulous cakes! I've known these ladies for 30 years, and we always have a great time. Peggy is a retired 5th grade teacher, Judy retired from teaching 3rd grade, and Edna is a kindergarten teacher. We used to try and get together once a month, but somehow life has gotten too busy. We always get together for Edna's birthday in September, Peggy's in April, and Judy's and mine in June. I feel very lucky to have such wonderful friends!

So what had me so distracted?

I decided to clean and rearrange my hutch, a project I really get into once school is out. The hutch belonged to my mom and dad, and I was lucky enough to acquire it when they moved from their house to their retirement village ten years ago. Of course, that means washing and blocking all the doilies that decorate it! The white doily at the top left goes on my coffee table in the sun room, and the coffee colored one under it goes on top of my curio cabinet. The rest decorate my hutch.

I was up early this morning, and most of the doilies are now back in place. Three of the thicker ones are still damp, so they'll need the rest of the day to dry out. I wonder which detail project I'll take on next? The curio cabinet is in dire need of dusting. We'll see!

I did tat another Noelle in Aunt Lydia's. The pastel thread was a little rougher than the others, making it a little more difficult to close the rings. I thought it was interesting that the opposite points of the snowflake match. I don't think I've ever had that happen with a multi-colored thread before. Robin's pattern pack of snowflakes is now available in her Etsy shop, and I highly recommend her beautiful patterns!


  1. wow, we posted at the same time l love that color of the last snowflake. When I went to store I noticed Aunt Lydia's added many new colors to her collections!
    Happy Birthday! hugs from Carollyn

  2. Lovely collection of heirlooms , and you are creating your own to add to this & pass them down ... Love the care you are taking ....
    B-Elated birthday wishes :-)

  3. Beautiful doilies!! :)
    Love the colorful snowflakes!! :)

  4. My idea of 'getting up early' is around 8 am! And even then I don't start to move around until 9! I've just turned on my computer, and you've already done some housekeeping and published a post! Beautiful hutch and displays!

    I have to say I'm impressed with the Aunt Lydia thread colors, and I like the large size of the snowflakes. They would look great in a window! Robin is successfully pioneering the idea of designing on the computer, then figuring out the knot counts. I'm sure she's delighted with your results for 'Noelle' You did them all rather quickly!

    I believe it's a few days yet to your actual birthday (and your blogaversary!) but I'll add my birthday greetings! I'm glad you didn't miss your special dinner and cake! All of you must marvel at the changes in teaching in 30 years!

  5. Happy birthday!
    Your hutch is lovely and a great way to display your work. You've got me thinking about that aunt Lydia's thread now, I love how the colors worked with the points!
    Got Robin's patterns bookmarked to buy later today!

  6. Happy birthday! Wonderful to celebrate with friends, good thing they reminded you.

  7. Happy birthday! The dinner party looks like fun! That's a beautiful hutch, a great place to display lace. I hope all your birthday wishes come true.


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