Thursday, July 16, 2015

I'm losing it!

I showed up at Marlene's for my hair cut at 9 this morning. The open sign was not in the window, but I was 15 minutes early. I sat in the car for a few minutes and Marlene came out with a confused look on her face. I asked if I had the wrong day, and she said that my appointment was for last week! Honestly, I must have looked at the appointment card three times this week, and I never caught on to the fact that I was a week off on my dates. Some days I really think I'm losing it!

Today I chose to tidy my cleaning supplies, which are mainly stored in my laundry room. I almost wish I had taken a before picture of this cabinet. When I opened the doors, all sorts of things would fall out. I made a quick trip to the dollar store and bought some baskets, and then set to my task. I found quite a bit I could throw out... vacuum cleaner bags for a machine that's been gone for 10 years or more, empty boxes, almost empty bottles of all sorts of stuff... I was able to fill a whole garbage bag! Now that everything's tidy I know that I really don't need any more gardening gloves, batteries, or light bulbs. I guess that means I can buy more tatting supplies! ;-)

I finished three more lavender pillows today. I've now finished all of the pillows I cut out when Joanne and Sophia were visiting. I need to make some more so that I have enough for all the family members who want them. We'll have to see how long it takes me to get in the mood to cut fabric again!

I did take some time to sit down and tat this afternoon. It really is paying off to set small goals on this round. I tat a section that reaches from one of the medallions in round 5 to the next. Then I stop and check my work and give it a quick shot of steam. It makes me wonder why I didn't work round 7 this way the first time. It would have saved me a lot of grief!

I'm keeping a knitting bag by my chair. I've been meaning to give my daughters and my sister-in-law new dishcloths for Christmas for several years. I know they like them. Somehow I've managed to wait until it's too late to reach my gift-giving goals. I may not make it this year either, but at least I'm starting earlier!


  1. I had a laugh I hope she can fit you in for your hair. I think we can all relate to your day.
    The mat is looking lovely I hope this time it goes right.
    At least your laundry room is sorted, if you made some space I am sure you will fill it with new tatting supplies.

  2. It is awful when you get the wrong week for an appointment, but I am sure we can all relate to it! I don't know how you have time to do all that you achieve in a day. I especially like the idea of the pillows.

  3. Ok, you wear me out just watching and reading!! :) So busy and so organized!! I guess that is a hint to me. ;)
    Have a great weekend!!! :)

  4. Oh boy, that's summer for you! Truthfully, I love that feeling. During the school year, I'm so painfully aware of the date (hour, minute) all the time, the idea of not knowing the date is bliss! I've got the day of the week in my head but not so much the date- yay!

    I'm admiring your cleaning and organization. I've been doing a little but also avoiding some big stuff. You inspire me!

    Your doily is so beautiful! What perseverance!

    I think I need to make a lavender pillow myself, I get terrible headaches and they sound like just the thing!

  5. Has aprovechado muy bien el tiempo. Besos.


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