Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Back to the bobbin shuttle

One of the advantages of working on a really large project is that I can use a variety of shuttles. I do love my post shuttles, but I'm finding that the more I use my La Cossette shuttles, the more I like them. I think I've finally gotten in to the groove of tatting with a bobbin shuttle!

I've tatted 1/5 of this round... I'm practicing my math skills. ;-)


  1. Those La Cossette shuttles really are wonderful! And your masterpiece, wow!

  2. I use only bobbin shuttles (with hook) - find them more practical :-)
    Loving your doily progress, too :-)

  3. I don't use them (you know that) but I often wondered why people don't use a sewing machine to wind up the thread, it would go so fast.

  4. You are making awesome progress on your doily!! :)

  5. This is such a Masterpiece of tatting. I LOVE how it looks on the round table...exceptionally gorgeous! Creative Tatting Bliss Dear...


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