Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lovin' the green

I knew from the beginning that I wanted the final round of my Concentric Rectangles doily to be in Leaf Green Lt. The only change I made from my original plan wast to have the band of Antique Violet Med. in the third round. My original plan was to just alternate the green and blue. I think I may tat another using just the blue and green. I really like the way this is looking, though.

My newest Spinning Wheel glass mat is in size 20 Lizbeth Twirlz, Autumn Breeze #408. The kids at school really like the color of this thread, which surprised me. The usually go for the bright colors. When guessing the color name, Chloe came the closest with Autumn Leaves... not a bad guess, Chloe!


  1. I'm still crazy for those rectangles!

    And twirlz looks great on the spinning wheel!

    1. I'm loving' the rectangles, too! There may be more in varying sizes in my future. We'll see!

    2. really looks nice, Diane

  2. una belleza el trabajo rectangular.Besos.

  3. Definitely good choices for the Concentric Rectangle Doily. I like the effect of the 3rd color to the overall pattern.


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