Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I'm at it again

...shuttle collecting, that is!

I LOVE my new shuttles from! The are beautiful, light weight, and hold a ton of thread. Well, not a ton, but I can wind the 15 yards of size 20 thread that I need for my Spinning Wheel glass mats, and that makes me very happy!

Do you see the dandelion shuttle? That's another one from You can get an idea of its size by the large Clover shuttle in the picture.

I didn't get much tatting done today. However, any progress is a plus in my book! I did some sewing for a friend, and by the time I made dinner and cleaned up the kitchen, there wasn't much time left. Some days are just like that.


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  2. Your collection of shuttles is beautiful. Sounds like you are having fun using them. Don't they feel wonderful in your hands?
    Had the joy of meeting the designer/creator (and her husband) at Finger Lakes Tatting in Lodi NY on April 9. Was lucky enough to acquire some of those lovely shuttles. She had the cutest one, cats on one side with pawprints on the other. NFS :(
    It would have been great to be able to buy one like it! Will have to keep an eye on her site, in case one like it is offered for sale.
    Can't wait to see if your concentric rectangle output will match your pinwheel count ;)
    Hugs, Hegla

  3. They are, indeed! Lovely additions to your collection, so pretty

  4. Fabulous looking shuttles!!! :)
    Your mat is still coming along wonderfully!!! :)

  5. Piękna kolekcja czółenek. Serwetka jest śliczna.

  6. Diane Dear you truly have the most impressive shuttle collection. Each one loved and caressed by your talented tatting hands. Embracing Shutttle Bliss...

  7. Gorgeous shuttles, your collection is growing

  8. Maravillosas lanzaderas y bellos los trabajos.Besos.


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