Sunday, May 8, 2016

Busy weekend

This weekend was my granddaughter Eva's 8th grade graduation ceremony, so Saturday was a busy family day... and fun!

Eva and her brother are home-schooled, and they attend a co-op once a week. Her graduating class was small, but the ceremony was just as nice as any I've ever attended. Eva is on the far right.

The kids all posed for a silly picture at the end of the ceremony.

When I was doing up the dishes after lunch, I saw a squirrel in the back yard. We've lived on this farm for 34 years, and this is our first squirrel! Can you see him on the porch rail? Now I need to find out where he's nesting.

I spent all of my free time this weekend working on the mermaid tail afghan. I really wanted to finish it so that I could show it to the kids at school this week. The yarn was donated by Michael's, and I only had enough to make the small afghan. This is much smaller than I expected, but I'm sure some little girl will love it. I'm hoping to finish an adult-sized one in time for the play.

Now that this afghan is finished, I feel free to spend more time tatting! ;-)


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! The mermaid tail is cute.

  2. Wow!! Eva has grown up a lot since I saw her at Tollway Tatters!! Congratulations to her!!! :)
    I homeschooled our girls to graduation, but we didn't have a chance to join any place for a graduation. Two have gone on to college and one is a mother of 2. :)
    I love squirrels!! :)
    That mermaid tail afghan is awesome!!! :) I am sure it will be adored!!! :)

  3. The mermaid tail turned out really well! Is it good to see the squirrel or is he likely to do damage to the garden? We have ground squirrels here who can be a bit of a nuisance.

  4. Congratulations to Eva! Sweet photos! Sounds like a nice ceremony!

    I see the squirrel, but am I also seeing a large bird in the tree? Optical illusion? Decoy? We have several squirrels around here (gray and red) , and the red ones can be cute - and annoying! I have a photo of one munching on my fabric tablecloth on my balcony patio table, off my sliding door from dining room. Only way for the squirrel to get there is to jump from tall pine tree, get on the roof and climb down. I wondered why I had holes in the cloth! I do not put tablecloths on the table anymore! We do not feed birds anymore on our property because there is no such thing as a squirrel-proof feeder. Have had many battles with them (gray and red) plus seeds thrown on ground bring other unwanted critters!

    Nice to see the mermaid afghan finished! I'm sure it will find a happy owner!

    1. The large bird is Dave's fake owl. It creeps me out, and it does not keep the birds off the deck. I keep hoping a stiff wind will blow it away!

  5. Oh love the kids pic at the home school ceremony congratulations to them :) Also in love with the mermaid tail it is adorable and you did nice job I saw some on Pinterest the big and little one, such fun

  6. Fabulous Mermaid Tail you have crocheted. I am trying to catch up on your blog posts and I can see you have acquired just a few new shuttles for your hobby. It is always critically important to have the proper tools to do the job!!! That is what my husband always says when he buys new tools so it must also be true for us and our endeavors. Embracing Creative Bliss...


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